It’s almost Halloween, and this year, DStv has something special for all of those who aren’t afraid of the dark. Join us in a night filled with spine chilling terror and jump-scares that will leave you screaming at our #DStvHalloween Sleep Over event.

Follow DStv on social media to see if you are one of the unlucky guests. You will need to be available on Tuesday the 31st of October.

DStv is bringing the fear with these terrifying movies this Halloween. Be sure to watch the trailers below before you re-enact your scary scene.

The Conjuring

M-Net Action  l  CH 106  l   13  OCT - 20:00


M-Net Premiere  l  CH 104  l  13  OCT - 20:00

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Watch These Spine Chilling Movies On  DStv Now

Date: 31 OCTOBER 2017

Time: 9 PM to 5 AM

If you think you can survive the night, enter the Halloween SleepOver by doing the following:

Watch a scary trailer from below and choose a scene that best gets your heart pumping.

Re-enact your chosen scene and share it on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #DStvHalloween

The Boy

M-Net Action  l  CH 106  l  12  OCT - 23:06

The Visit

M-Net Action  l  CH 106  l  10  OCT - 23:17